We welcome Sheffield non-profit Party For The People

We’re very pleased to announce that Sheffield non-profit Party For The People will now be our go-to guys for Harley Live tickets.

Party For The People supports charitable organisations via ticketing, by giving a portion of all booking fees directly to charity.

We’ve opted to work alongside the brilliant and inspiring Sheffield Mind, meaning that every time you buy a Harley Live ticket, you’ll be helping those with mental health issues from all around the city.

Sheffield Mind is an independent charity set up in 1971 to provide support to people with mental health problems in Sheffield. Offering counselling, one to one support, social cafes, groups and information, the organisation is affiliated with national Mind and work in partnership to support mental health and to challenge stigma about mental ill health.

Alongside other Sheffield Mind projects, we are proud to be contributing towards raising funds to update one of the organisation’s invaluable resources for mental health and well-being in Sheffield, in the form of The Sheffield Mental Health Guide website.

The site is an important tool for people who need to find out about mental health and well-being. It includes sections on how to keep mentally healthy, self-help advice, information about mental health conditions and treatments and where to go to for help. It also contains a searchable database of over 350 services available for people in Sheffield.

Sheffield Mind want to make this invaluable resource easier to navigate, as well as enabling to work on mobile platforms, to include social media and to be entertaining to use.

Booking fees from all tickets sold through our in-house Ticket Shop will go through Party For The People and thus go towards helping Sheffield Mind. As ever, though, booking fee-free tickets are also available to buy in person from The Harley, The Wick At Both Ends and The Old Sweet Shop.

We’ve got tons of events coming up over the next couple of months, so head to our Facebook page for all of the details.

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