Esben and the Witch, Teeth Of The Sea, Thought Forms

We’re very, very happy to announce the Sheffield date of a Quietus-sponsored tour this Oct with three of our favourite bands.

2013′s “Wash The Sins Not Only The Face” is an album that, placed alongside their début Violet Cries, feels like a fuzzy image that’s pulled successfully into focus, like this trio have edged a momentous distance further along their journey, sensing the power they wield, learning how to use that power effectively. It makes you wonder where this road will take them next. More to the point, it makes you want to savour where Esben and the Witch are at now, because “Wash the Sins Not Only the Face” is a sublime experience, an album whose mysteries and riddles will entrance.

Since their initial formation in 2006, Teeth Of The Sea have metamorphosised into the most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic rock band in the UK. Taking inspiration from sources as disparate as the 70s French prog of Heldon, the soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti, the analogue experimentation of Keith Fullerton Whitman and the psych-punk vortex of Chrome, they marry searing electronics, torrential riffage and cinematic atmospherics, in the process mapping out a mind-melting path between the garage and the cosmos.

Thought Forms were brought together by a shared love of guitar abuse and pedal worship and 2013 sees the release of “Ghost Mountain”, their second album for Invada Records.

Thursday 10th October
The Harley, Sheffield
Advance tickets: £8.50 non-members, £8.00 members, more on the door
Advance tickets with no booking fee from The Harley, The Wick at Both Ends, Record Collector and The Old Sweet Shop

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