The Listening Post #50

What we’ve had on the office stereo this week
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Sky Larkin
‘Bellio’Dutch Uncles remix
As well as heading out on the road with Marnie Stern in May, with a gig at Queens on 31st, Wichita signees Sky Larkin have also been hard at work on this remix of one-time and soon-to-be-again tourmates Dutch Uncles. Their version adds vocals and guitar licks to the original, converting its faultless alt-pop into a sultry piano house.

 photo SomeSay_zpsd6aaf94c.jpeg
Ever a master of crushing, understated heartache, the video for Ghostpoet‘s newie explores the death of two relationships via a chance encounter on a bus, while the song itself pairs glacial female vocals with Ghopo’s louche rapping. See it for real at Queens on 22nd May.

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Eleanor Friedberger
‘Stare At The Sun’
Formerly one half of Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger created one of our favourite albums of 2011 with her solo d├ębut. ‘Stare At The Sun’ sees a return to her upbeat hooks and characteristically off-kilter cadence, and it’s a beaut.

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