The Listening Post #21

What we’ve had on the office stereo this week
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Patti Smith
‘April Fool’
Having spent the past few years having a pop at art-house acting and being awarded honorary PhDs like it ain’t no thang, perpetual badass Patti Smith is back with her first album in a while. ‘April Fool’ is the record’s first single, a relatively carefree little number in a work which also includes tributes to Amy Winehouse and French actor Maria Schneider.

‘The Gold Is Mine’
On the self-released (and pretty damned special) Odd Renditions EP, Washington rapper Oddisee carves out a nice line in laidback reworkings of tracks from the likes of Marvin Gaye and Bon Iver. Here, Metronomy‘s ‘The Gold Is Mine’ gets his boom-bap treatment.

Ty Segall
‘I Bought My Eyes’
With his full touring band in tow, and from his forthcoming album Slaughterhouse, this is a seriously ace slice of thrashy, psychy stoner-garage, on a kind of first-album QOTSA-type tip.

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