Gruff Rhys plays live for Drowned in Sound

Gruff Rhys! Gruff Rhys! Gruff Rhys!

Gruff Rhys is playing, and you should all be there. Why? Well, because its Gruff Rhys and he’s ace and he’s playing on Valentines Day. So bring your loved one/potential squeeze, like so:

Repeat after me:
‘Would you like to go watch Gruff Rhys?’

‘Why yes I’d love to what does he do again?’

‘He’s the lead singer for the Super Furry Animals, and he has a wicked solo album called Candylion, amongst others’

‘Sounds great…you’re cute.’

Simple. Seduce them with the best psychedelic pop to come out of Wales, ever. Gruff’s newest solo release Hotel Shampoo is released on Feb 11th. The first single from it ‘Shark Infested Waters’ is posted below so you can have listen.

Treating us to his own unique style for the past 20+ years, the swoony Welshman has done it all – solo projects, collaborations, art exhibits, trips to Patagonia – and now he’s back in Sheffield…..Hello Sunshine.

Venue: Memorial Hall, Barker’s Pool, S1 2JA
Doors: 7.30pm
Age: 18+
Price: £13.50
Telephone: 0114 278 9789

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