Veronica Falls & Cloud Nothings

Veronica Falls and Cloud Nothings are bringing us their warm, fuzzy bedroom rock to ease us into the winter months.

Four-piece Veronica Falls revel in simple hooks. The songs are so delicately layered it’s an almost comforting example of bands returning to real melodies and intelligent structure in songwriting. Fan favourite Stephen - reminiscent of the Pixies’ poppier releases – is, with its bass loops and intelligent guitar work, a bona fide pop tune.  The band’s Myspace was only online for an hour before they were contacted to do a release. (Kinda sells itself, really.)

Similarly, only a year in existence, Ohio’s Cloud Nothings have seemingly appeared out of thin air. 18-year-old Dylan Baldi crafted songs on his computer and within the year has signed to Wichita (of Conor Oburst/ Bright Eyes fame), put out a handful of recordings and is embarking on a European tour Les Savy Fav once this co-headline tour is over. Not bad going.

Both bands will be playing the Harley on 8/11/2010

Age restrictions: 18+

Tickets: £5.50

Doors: 8.30pm

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